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Art and design have a great motivational factor on people in your environment.

When the artwork is tied to a company's brand and identity the feeling of togetherness and belonging will emerge. These feelings are key to motivation and loyalty, but also productivity and growth.

”Art is used to increase economical productivity in many sectors in many country all over the world. Art looks as a foreign component in economical matters but art is closely concerned with economy because of its positive impact. Economy mostly finds traces of productivity in innovations and art is one of main sources of innovations because of its innovative character ” (Francois and Roberts, 2003).

Art is something we need. We live in a very busy world and most of us don't have time to visit art museums or galleries on a regular basis. But, if your business can offer clients and their employees a valuable daily experience and something to remember during their workday, it will echo the productivity and growth of the business. It will give the place and the people a buzz as a attractive place to work and a great place to visit as a client.


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CEO & Founder of Arthive AS is Charlotte Krog
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